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Reasons for asking user information at the time of becoming a member of Korea Medical Tourism Portal.

If you use the Korea Medical Tourism Portal account, you can enjoy services, such as online consultation, online consultation with professionals, community and My Page. Korea Medical Tourism Portal requires personal information for membership to ensure the safety of user accounts and to provide the most satisfied service.


Name is used for the overall service of the Korea Medical Tourism Portal. For example, if you create content to share with other users, your name will be displayed with the content.

Username (ID).

To login to the Korea Medical Tourism Portal, you need to use a username, which is also the email address for receiving the information that we send to you. Username is not case-sensitive and can be composed with letters, numbers or period(.).


Choose a safe password for protecting your account. Please follow the guidelines below to set a password.

Choose a safe password.

Do not use the same password used on other websites.

To make it difficult to guess your password, use the safety measurement for your password.

Password should consist of more than 9 digits.


Korea Medical Tourism Portal collects gender information to improve our service for visitors. Gender information is not disclosed to website visitors.

Mobile phone number.

Saving your mobile phone number is the simplest and most credible way to ensure the safety of your account. As you may carry your mobile phone with you all the times, you can login to the website with your mobile phone when you forget your account password. Moreover, it can be used to prevent illegal access to your account. This field is optional but highly recommended for mobile phone users.


Enter your country or residential area in this field.

You can review or modify the information on the account setting page after you create an account. (After an account is created, you can modify information other than name and Username (ID)).

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Reasons for asking user information at the time of becoming a member of Korea Medical Tourism Portal.


Благодарим вас за использование услуг сайта VISITMEDICALKOREA (именуемых в дальнейшем «Услуги»). Услуги предоставляются Национальной Организацией Туризма Кореи (именуемой в дальнейшем «Организацией»), расположенной в городе Вончжу провинции Канвондо (Р.К).

The purpose of this agreement is to define the rights, obligations, responsibilities and other necessary matters among the Organization, Service Providers, members and users as to the use of the Service provided by the Organization.
This agreement was written in Korean and may be different from other translated versions of the agreement, including Japanese, Chinese and Russian versions. To the extent any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the Korean version, the Korean version prevails.

This agreement was written in Korean and may be different from other translated versions of the agreement, including Japanese, Chinese and Russian versions. To the extent any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the Korean version, the Korean version prevails.

1. Definitions

The terms used in this agreement are defined as follows.

  • 1) “Contents” refers to, but are not limited to, the sentences, voices, music, images, videos, software, programs, and codes that are created for users, medical institutes or hosting institutes for medical tourism and the Organization.
  • 2) “Users” refers to every visitor using the Service to get information on Korean medical tourism under this agreement.
  • 3) “Service Provider” refers to medical institutes or hosting companies for medical tourism that are subscribed with an ID and password to provide medical tourism services to users by using the Service to attract medical tourism services.
  • 4) “Members” refers to people who agree with this agreement to facilitate their use of the Service and whose membership is granted by the Organization by issuing an ID and password.
  • 5) “Customers” refers to 3) and 4)
  • 6) “Individual user agreement” refers to the agreement applied by the Service Provider to its individual product in “buying” or “booking” a Korean medical tourism package available on the Service.

2. Consent to the Agreement

  • 1) Customers shall use this Service according to the terms and conditions of this agreement. They can use this Service only when they consent to this agreement.
  • 2) Customers who are under age are not allowed to use this service. The organization shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by the activities of minor customers who sign up for the service with fabricated information.
  • 3) Service Providers that sign up for the Service to attract customers for medical tourism service shall also be allowed to use this Service after accepting this agreement.
  • 4) Once customers actually use this Service they shall be considered to have made a valid and irrevocable consent to this agreement.
  • 5) If any individual user agreement exists on this Service, customers shall use this Service in accordance with the terms and conditions of the individual agreement as well as with those of this agreement.

3. Accounts

  • 1) When customers register their personal information to use this Service, it should be true, correct and complete, and shall be properly updated with the latest information.
  • 2) The Organization shall do its best to keep customers’ personal information safe in accordance with the related laws. It will follow the privacy policies of applicable laws and the Organization regarding the protection and use of personal information. When customers register their personal information and password to use this Service, they should keep them safe on their own responsibility so as not to be unjustifiably used. The Organization may consider that all acts and behaviors with the use of registered information and passwords are done by the customers themselves.
  • 3) The Organization has the right to suspend or remove the account of a customer who is thought to have violated or is likely to violate this agreement without prior notice to him/her.
  • 4) The Organization may delete an account that is not used for more than one year without prior notice to the customer.
  • 5) Every right entitled to customers will be dismissed at the time of deletion of their accounts. Please note that an account is not recovered when it is deleted by a customers’ mistake.
  • 6) Customers who subscribed to this Service can delete their account and withdraw their membership at their will at any time.

4. Copyright Protection

The Organization respects intellectual property rights held by our customers.

  • 1) Customers can post their contents on this Service, such as words, voices, music, images, videos, software, programs, codes, etc.
  • 2) The posted contents shall be used, saved, copied, modified, delivered, disclosed, publicly demonstrated, posted and distributed to and by the Organization and associates that may create derivative works in order to provide better services
    However, the contents posted by customers shall be used within the range to operate, improve, promote and provide new services.
  • 3) Any excessively violent or graphic sexual contents, discriminatory expressions regarding race, nationality, faith, gender, social status, family, etc., expressions to entice or encourage suicide, self-inflicting injury and drug use, and other antisocial and offending contents shall be deleted at the Organization’s discretion without notice.
  • 4) If contents are judged to be in violation of the related laws and service policies, they shall be deleted or their posting rejected. However, the Organization is not obligated to review all contents.
  • 5) If any content infringes your intellectual property rights, you can request the posting to be stopped via the Inquiry bulletin board. However, the Organization shall not be held responsible for such contents, and the person who infringes on the intellectual rights will bear all the responsibilities.
  • 6) Even though you can use the Service, it doesn’t mean that you own any rights for the contents of other users. You need to ask for consent from the owner separately.

5. Insertion of Advertisements

The Organization may insert its own advertisements or those of a third party on the Service.

6. Service by Associated Partners

This Service might contain services or contents provided by other companies associated with the Organization. The companies that provide such services or contents shall be held responsible for any matters caused by them. For such services or contents, other terms and conditions defined by the companies providing them may be applied.

7. Prohibited Matters

Customers shall not do any of the following while using the Service.

  • 1) Acts in violation of laws, court judgments, decisions or orders, or administrative measures carrying legal binding force
  • 2) Acts likely to harm public order or traditional customs
  • 3) Acts of infringement on intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademark rights, patents, etc., and the rights of reputation and privacy rights held by the Organization or a third party and other infringements of rights reserved by laws or the contract.
  • 4) Acts of impersonating the organization or a third party or distributing fraudulent information on purpose
  • 5) Acts of posting repetitive and similar reviews, proof shots and materials.
  • 6) Acts of selling, promoting, advertising, recommending and other acts aimed for personal profit (except those approved by the Organization), acts aimed to show sexuality and obscenity, acts of maliciously defaming and slandering others, and acts of using the Service for any purpose other than as prescribed by the Service.
  • 7) Acts of contributing to and cooperating with antisocial forces.
  • 8) Acts of illegally collecting, disclosing or providing others’ personal information, registration information and history of use
  • 9) Acts of interfering with the server and network systems of this Service, acts of illegally manipulating the Service by using bots, cheating tools and other technical means, acts of intentionally taking advantage of the Service disorder, acts of interfering with the Organization’s operation of the Service and other customers’ use of the Service.
  • 10) Acts of helping or encouraging any of 1) to 9) above.
  • 11) Any act thought to be inappropriate by the Organization

8. Special Clauses Applied to Service Provider

Service Providers can use the Service as a promotional and marketing tool for their products and are allowed to sell them directly later.

  • 1) To use the Service as a promotional and marketing tool, Service Providers can register through a microsite provided by the Organization and are allowed to sell their products directly later.
  • 2) The Organization shall do its best to promote, market and sell the products registered by Service Providers, but does not guarantee that it can reach the targeted customers.
  • 3) The Organization may expose the products registered by service providers through arbitrary operation without prior notice when they are believed to benefit the Service.
  • 4) Service Providers shall abide by the guidelines for product registration set by the Organization.
  • 5) If the products registered by Service Providers are not consistent with what they promote and market, the products can be deleted arbitrarily. If Service Providers continue to do the same, they can be disqualified for membership.
  • 6) When Service Providers sell their products, they should draw up a separate agreement (hereafter referred to as “product sales agreement”). The product sales agreement is an additional agreement, and sales should be made in accordance with the product sales agreement. If there is any dispute between Service Providers and members regarding sales of a product and the Organization has nothing to do with the matter, dispute settlement shall be made between the Service Providers and members pursuant to terms and conditions of the product sales agreement.
  • 7) If any damage or loss is caused to the Service due to conflicts between Service Providers and members after the sales of products, the Service Providers shall do their best to stabilize the Service as it was before the dispute and will be held responsible for the Organization’s monetary loss and damages. The grounds for the loss and damage shall be provided by the Organization, and if there is any objection to the provided evidence, the Service Provider should present its backup information. If it fails to present any evidence, the Service Provider should indemnify for the loss and damage based on the evidence provided by the Organization.

9. Responsibilities of Customers

  • 1) Customers shall use this Service under their responsibilities and are solely held responsible for their actions conducted with this Service and the accompanying results.
  • 2) If the Organization judges that customers have used the Service in violation of this agreement, it will take actions considered to be necessary and appropriate. However, the Organization is not obligated to abandon or correct such violation behaviors.
  • 3) If the Organization suffers any direct or indirect loss or damage due to a customer’ use of the Service (including when any claim is made against the Organization by a third party), the customer shall indemnify for the loss or damage (including attorney’s fees) immediately upon the request of the Organization.

10. Disclaimer

  • 1) The Organization does not guarantee, explicitly or tacitly, that there are no actual or legal flaws in infrastructure associated with the Service (including flaws regarding safety, reliability, correctness, completeness, validity, consistency with a certain purpose, security, errors and bugs, infringement of rights, etc.). The Organization is not obligated to provide the Service to customers after removing such flaws.
  • 2) The Organization is not obligated to censor the contents, information, etc. provided by customers beforehand and check or review the contents all the time, either. It shall bear no responsibility for the accompanying results.
  • 3) The Organization shall not be held responsible for not meeting customers’ expectations for profit through the use of this Service, or loss or damage caused by the Service.
  • 4) The Organization shall not hold responsible for any result with regard to the provision of the medical tourism products by Service Providers to members or users other than members.

11. How to Contact

  • 1) When the Organization contacts customers with regard to the use of the Service, it shall do so by posting on an appropriate place within the web service page of VISITMEDICALKOREA or via the means that it considers to be appropriate.
  • 2) When customers contact the Organization with regard to the use of the Service, they shall do so on the customer inquiry page established in an appropriate place within the web service page of VISITMEDICALKOREA by the means asked by the organization.

12. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

  • 1) Matters that are not stipulated in this agreement shall be in accordance with the relevant Korean laws and customs.
  • 2) If any dispute arises as to this agreement and the use of the Service, the governing law shall be Korean laws. In the case of any lawsuit, the competent court shall be either the Seoul Central District Court or the court that governs the area where the Organization is located.
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